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Quality & Competence

We stand for high quality and competence

The original cell of our innovative strength

The driving force behind our development is our determination to use our own creative ideas to generate new technological solutions that deliver a high level of customer utility. The ability to do this stems from the high qualifications and motivation of our associates and our close cooperation with customers who are at the cutting edge of technology. This includes the readiness to invest significant resources in our own basic research, as well as in projects whose market success will only be attained in the long term.

KNX Partner Certified – KNX Partner n°23281

KNX Association operates a Certification Scheme for Training Centres in order to ensure minimum requirements of all institutions operating the “KNX Course” throughout the world. In this way, anyone interested in the KNX technology, can apply to attend KNX certified training at one of the more than 300 training centres, where it’s sure that the same standardized minimum KNX knowledge is conveyed.

MikroTik Certified Network Associate – MTCNA n°1510NA886

The MikroTik Certified Network Associate certification is the first IT certification from the MikroTik portfolio. MikroTik is a manufacturer of wireless equipment, networking devices and amazing operating system RouterOS. It covers all networking basics from RouterOS, including routing, bridging, security, wireless configuration and much more.

EVE’s application is Microsoft Azure Certified

ilevia is Internet of Things partner for Microsoft

Microsoft Azure Certified lets customers know you have a world-class cloud application and give them the assurance that your solution is compatible with the Azure platform. The Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT program helps businesses get started on their Internet of Things projects quickly by connecting them with an ecosystem of partners that have solutions that can easily connect to Azure IoT Suite.