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AFVF-01/220.1 – Fan Coil Controller

The Fan Coil Controller can work after connecting 230V AC voltage input and power supply directly, without extra power. The parts of valve need voltage input of 75V AC-230V AC according to demands. The configuration of physical address and setting of parameters can both be achieved by using VD4 database in ETS (ETS3 and above).

Fan Coil Controller outputs heating and cooling according to temperature’s setting, and the max. load current of valve output is 2A. There are 3 levels of fan speed, and max. load current of each level reaches 6A. Both valve of heating and refrigeration and fan speed can be opened or closed by manual button, and their status is shown by LED lighting.

The functions of Fan Coil Controller are shown as follows:

1. Output heating and cooling according to temperature’s setting
2. Output modes of Standby, Comfort, Night and Protection according to user’s demands
3. Control fan speed in 3 gears (High, Medium, and Low) manually or automatically.
4. Control the raise/lower valves and ordinary switching valves intelligently and manually
5. Achieve continuous or PWM output control by valves by PI controlling value
6. Report local fan speed and valves’ status
7. Obtain temperature data collection from local or BUS, and achieve the monitoring function to actual temperature and frost temperature
8. Own the function of modes of specific scene and Adjustable speed
9. Detect shutter’s on-off status or binary input
10. Achieve the controlling by external controller (eg. Panel of Temperature Controller)

Model Number: AFVF-01/220.1


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