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BNIP-00/00.1 – KNX IP Interface

The IP/ KNX converter is designed for an intelligent building control system, which is used to connect the KNX bus with the Ethernet network. It serves as an interface between KNX installations and IP networks. TCP telegrams can be transformed from other devices. TCP telegrams from other device on the Ethernet network can be converted to KNX telegrams via the converter, and send to the KNX bus to control KNX devices.

The IP address of the IP/KNX converter is fixed. For operation an additional 30V DC supply is necessary.

This manual provides detailed technical information about the IP/KNX Converter for users as well as assembly and programming details, and explains how to use the converter by the application examples.

The IP/ KNX converter is a modular installation device. It can be installed in the distribution board on 35mm mounting rails according to EN 60 715. The device adopts an Ethernet RJ45 interface to connect with LAN network. The network interface can be operated with a transmission speed of 10/100Mbit/s Auto Sensing. The bus connection and auxiliary power supply connection are carried out via using EIB bus connection terminals.

The IP/KNX converter is able to use the Engineering Tool Software ETS (ETS2 v1.3 or later) with a VD2/VD3 file to allocate the physical address and set the parameter.

The functions of the IP/ KNX converter are summarized as follows:

  • Support TCP/IP protocol, work in TCP server mode
  • Pellucidly transfer all the telegrams
  • Send the TCP telegram to the KNX/EIB system, control the KNX device
  • Monitor the KNX telegram, send them to all the clients connected
  • Read respond telegram will send to the initiator only
  • To read and write any data type defined in the KNX standard

Model Number: BNIP-00/00.1


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