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BTCC-02/232.1 – RS232 Protocol Converter

Product Description

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: GVS K-bus
Model Number: BTCC – 02/232.1
Power Supply: 21-30V DC, via the EIB bus Current consumption: <12mA
Power consumption: <360mW
Operation and display: Red LED and button, for assignment of the physical
Operation & display: Green LED flashing, indicate the device running normally (OK)
Operation Installation: on 35mm DIN rail.

Product Feature

  • Support telegram with up to 64 bytes and 128 commands
  • Trigger the telegram sending process through group address
  • 2 three-wire standard independent serial ports connected by binding post to devices.(flow control unsupported)
  • Communication rate, stop bit and parity of the ports are programmable
  • Predefined serial communication protocol supported, so that controlling and examine KNX devices is possible
  • Max. communication distance: 15m

Model Number: BTCC-02/232.1


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