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And – Or Logic has been thought in order to simplify the creation of boolean functions for system integrators. Thanks to informatic programmation, installers avoid extra useless devices. This means necessity of less devices, less programmation  and above all a greater versatility for a different building automation system programmation.


How to install plugin modules

The following video shows you how to download EVE Logic tool on your PC and then how to install EVE plugin modules. All these steps have to be done using EVE Manager software which connect to EVE Server for installation. You can also check the plugin modules installation page.

How to configure the plugin

This video shows you how to configure the specific plugin module. Get to the configuration page entering http://your_IPaddress/logic/plugins/and-or-logic as URL on your browser. Otherwise use the plugin configuration area on EVE Manager software tool.

Step by step support

1. Enable/Disable plugin

To enable/disable the plugin to use click the ON/OFF button on the right corner on top of the web page screen.
Turn the plugin ON is the step that you don’t have to forget in order to make it enabled to work.

You can then choose to enable/disable the specific configuration thanks to specific configuration  setting (Logic name and state).

2. Function’s choice

Once you have chosen the input component from your components list, you need to set the function. Choose between an AND otherwise OR function. Once you have chosen just  click on  “Add as input” blue button and further data will be display.


3. Input Components setting

Below a review of all the components that you have added as inputs of the function. They will be displaied  on different rows where you can set further configurations. The square stays for NOT so tick it if you want your input function to be negative. The drop down menu let you set the sensitivity of your specific component. Choose between sensitivity on any edge otherwise on rising or falling edge.


4. Output Components setting

Choose the output components from the list and just click on “Add as output” blue button. Below a review of all the components that you have added as outputs of the function. Components will be displaied  on different rows whre you can set further configurations for each of them:

1.empty square on left stays for NOT so tick it if you want your output function (result of the function) to be negative;

2. empty tabs on right stay  for two different timers: on first and second tabs you can set value (seconds) for the time the command have to be stable before it to be actuated; on third and fourth tabs you set the value (seconds) you want the command to be actuated (timer ON and timer OFF).

5. Other options

Each new configuration row ends with an “X” icon. If you does need to remove a specific components just click on it and changes will authomatically be saved.

You can add as many new configuration as you need. To do this just select the tab with plus icon on top right of the page. Move from one configuration to another thanks to previous and next config tab (buttons with arrows icon). If you need to remove configuration you just need to select the tab with minus icon on top right of the page. A further confirmation will be asked in order to execute the operation.