Power Consumption Alarm


This specific use case has the aim to show that it is possible to make use of Calculator plugin in order to set math functions which help you be warn on your energy consumptions.

We show an example in which we simply turn on a light as soons as the energy consumption sensor reaches the threshold we set.

Step By Step Support

Differently from other EVE plugin modules, this plugin is thought to be used on EVE Manager.

EVE Manager

“Calculator” component is already visible on “Components Library” tab. However you necessarily need to download EVE Logic on your PC in order to make use of this additional service/component. EVE Logic installation will allow you to successfully use this component on your new project.

1. EVE Logic download

Select Tools tab from EVE Manager menu –> Plugins

Download EVE Logic in order to enable Calculator plugin.

You can also check the plugin modules installation page.

 2. Calculator’s properties

Once you have dropped Calculator component to “My Component” area, “Component’s properties” area will show you component’s details.

Below the Calculator setting ask you to select components from drop down menus. If menus are empty it means you missed to add these components on “My components” area.

Drag and drop to “My Components” area all the components you need:  in this case we need an Info component for the Energy Consumption Sensor and a Switch component for the Warning Light.

3. Mandatory components

Drag and drop to “My Components” area all the components you need:  in this case we need an Info component and a Switch component.

Once you will have dropped necessary components to “My Component” area, you would need to set Calculator properties.

Select your Calculator component and check on its properties area. Select Parameters A,B,C,D and the Parameter Result from the drop down menu.

4. Calculator’s parameters

You now need to set the function on Calculator “Component’s properties”. Below is the parameters area where you can edit the calculator function. The field can be filled in with the function that you need up to your necessity.

In this use case we will set the funcion A>3000 which means that any time Parameter A (Energy Consumption Sensor) will reach the threshold of 3000 Watt, the Parameter Result (Warning Light) would turn on.

5. User Interface creation

Once you have set all  properties and parameters switch to Map/Interface tab of EVE Manager software and build your end user interface.

Drag and drop on the canvas area the component which you set as “Parameter Result” component, the warning light. Note that you will not have to drop on the cavas area the Calculator component. Calculator will only manage the math function between components.

Once you will have built the user interface upload the project to EVE and check the final result on your EVE Remote application.