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Logic Inhibitor was born in order to inhibit logics in action. Why should we need to inhibit logics? A logic could turn into a sort of enemy rather than a friend. This won’t ever happen.

Say for example you set a logic which turn any lights off after 2 minutes. However you do not need the light in your office to be turned off while you are working into it. The light of your office keeps turning off and this drives you crazy. But what about if you inhibite it for the time you need to stay in?


How to install plugin modules

The following video shows you how to download EVE Logic tool on your PC and then how to install EVE plugin modules. All these steps have to be done using EVE Manager software which connect to EVE Server for installation. You can also check the plugin modules installation page.

How to configure the plugin

This video shows you how to configure the specific plugin module. Get to the configuration page entering http://your_IPaddress/logic/plugins/logic-inhibitor as URL on your browser. Otherwise use the plugin configuration area on EVE Manager software tool.

Step by step support

1. Enable/Disable plugin

To enable/disable the plugin to use click the ON/OFF button on the right corner on top of the web page screen.
Turn the plugin ON is the step that you don’t have to forget in order to make it enabled to work.

2. Inhibitor component/s

First of all you need to choose the inhibitor component of your configuration: any time the inhibitor component will be turned on all the inhibited components of the configuration will be excluded from all the other logics which are functioning on the system. Here we created specific inhibitor switches (On meeting, watching movie, …). They are fake switched that however work like real ones.

Once you have chosen the inhibitor just  click on  “Add” blue button. It will be displaied on a row under the setting area.

3. Inhibited component/s

Now you need to select all the components you want to inhibit. Inhibited components will be excluded from all the other logics which are functioning on the system as long as the inhibitor component is on.

Once you have chosen the inhibited component just  click on  “Add” blue button. It will be displaied on a row under the setting area. You can set as many inhited components as you want.

4. Other options

Each new configuration row ends with an “X” icon. If you does need to remove a specific components just click on it and changes will authomatically be saved.

You can add as many new configuration as you need. To do this just select the tab with plus icon on top right of the page. Move from one configuration to another thanks to previous and next config tab (buttons with arrows icon). If you need to remove configuration you just need to select the tab with minus icon on top right of the page. A further confirmation will be asked in order to execute the operation.