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Preventive Maintenance is the tool for who wants to keep under control the state of the components. You can set the value of cycles and the value of hours of a specific component, be updated about the increase of values and it can send you email when the counter reaches the set value.


How to install plugin modules

The following video shows you how to download EVE Logic tool on your PC and then how to install EVE plugin modules. All these steps have to be done using EVE Manager software which connect to EVE Server for installation. You can also check the plugin modules installation page.

How to configure the plugin

This video shows you how to configure the specific plugin module. Get to the configuration page entering http://your_IPaddress/logic/plugins/preventive-maintenance as URL on your browser. Otherwise use the plugin configuration area on EVE Manager software tool.

Step by step support

1. Enable/Disable plugin

To enable/disable the plugin to use click the ON/OFF button on the right corner on top of the web page screen.
Turn the plugin ON is the step that you don’t have to forget in order to make it enabled to work.

2. Account setting

You now need to set the Server information, the account from where all the emails will be sent.

Select “Account Settings” tab and enter all the information requested. Do not forget to save before switching to the next tab.

3. Email Groups setting

The plugin let you choose who will receive emails for the system control.

Switch to “Email Groups” tab. Here you can set till 3 different groups of email contacts. Do not forget to save after entering email accounts. You can also  do a sending test simply clicking “Test” blue button.

4. Logic setting

Swith to “Maintenance Logics” tab. Choose the component you want to keep under control and set the parameter (number of cycles and number of hours are values that can be suggested by the component’s supplier). You can choose to set only the number of cycles or just the number of hours or you can set both. At least you have to enter a value.

5. Email Setting

Now choose the group which you want the plugin send the email to. Set  the Email Object and Boby and do not forget to click on “Add” blue button in order to save the logic.

Below a review of all the logics that you have added which will be displaied on different rows.

Note: You can set as many Maintenance Logics as you need, one at a time.

6. Other options

Each new configuration row ends with an “X” icon. If you does need to remove a specific components just click on it and changes will authomatically be saved. Next to it, there is the icon of an envelope which shows you further info about the email object and body.