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Pumps Redundancy is  an example of plugin customization:

Pumps Redundancy has been specifically developed after a particular request of customization from a system integrator. The aim was to make two different pumps working for 15 days per each and make them work in common for only  a minute before switching one to the other. This plugin has been thought for an industrial system and is really useful in order to manage the switch between both of air pumps and water pumps.


How to install plugin modules

The following video shows you how to download EVE Logic tool on your PC and then how to install EVE plugin modules. All these steps have to be done using EVE Manager software which connect to EVE Server for installation. You can also check the plugin modules installation page.

How to configure the plugin

This video shows you how to configure the specific plugin module. Get to the configuration page entering http://your_IPaddress/logic/plugins/pumps-redundancy as URL on your browser. Otherwise use the plugin configuration area on EVE Manager software tool.