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Signal is an additional service that EVE system provides. This plugin module allows you to manage events using timers. Define the event to take into account, define timer and output signals, nothing simpler than an easy logic to set up in order to make your building perfectly autonomous.

Step by step support

Differently from other EVE plugin modules, this plugin is thought to be used on EVE Manager.

EVE Manager

“Signal” component is already visible on “Components Library” tab. However you necessarily need to download EVE Logic on your PC in order to make use of this additional service/component. EVE Logic installation will allow you to successfully use this component on your new project.

1. EVE Logic download

Select Tools tab from EVE Manager menu –> Plugins

Download EVE Logic in order to enable Signal plugin.

You can also check the plugin modules installation page.

2. Component’s properties

Once you have dropped Signal component to “My Component” area, “Component’s properties” area will show you component’s details.

Signal setting ask you to select components from drop down menu. If menu is empty (none) it means you missed to add the component on “My components” area.

Drag and drop to “My Components” area the component you need:  in this case we need a Switch as sample.

3. Input parameters

Drag and drop to “My Components” area the component you need as input (switch component). Then choose these switch as input from input’s parameters drop down menu.


Set which component’s change of state the logic need to consider: from OFF to ON (rising edge), from ON to OFF (falling edge) or both of them. Infact, the logic will act as soon as the input’s event occurr.


Set NORMAL if the operation should work normally or set INVERT SIGNAL if you need to configure the input command with NOT setting.


This is the time (seconds) the input component has to be kept ON/OFF before considering valid the signal.

4. Delay timer setting


This is a waiting time (seconds) between when the signal is considered valid and when the output is updated.

5. Output parameters

Drag and drop to “My Components” area the component you need as output (switch component). Then choose this switch as output from output’s parameters drop down menu.


This is the time (seconds) the output component has to be kept ON/OFF.