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Simple Logic is the plugin that makes your building smart and completely autonomous on its management. It has been developed in order to let you set simple logics (IF … THEN …) between components of the system. You can set unlimited logics between components of the system. You can set timer for each specific logic.



How to install plugin modules

The following video shows you how to download EVE Logic tool on your PC and then how to install EVE plugin modules. All these steps have to be done using EVE Manager software which connect to EVE Server for installation. You can also check the plugin modules installation page.

How to configure the plugin

This video shows you how to configure the specific plugin module. Get to the configuration page entering http://your_IPaddress/logic/plugins/simple-logic as URL on your browser. Otherwise use the plugin configuration area on EVE Manager software tool.

Step by step support

1. Enable/Disable plugin

To enable/disable the plugin to use click the ON/OFF button on the right corner on top of the web page screen.

Turn the plugin ON is the step that you don’t have to forget in order to make it enabled to work.

2. Logic configuration

Now you can start setting your logic/s.

“Simple Logic” is based on the boolean “if…then…”  structure which means that we make something happens depending on something else.

Up to the tipology of the if component (switch or dimmer) you can set for it a state (equal to on/off) or a value (equal to or less/greater than 0 – 1000).

You can then make the logic work on the same component or on a different one.

Up to the then  component (switch or dimmer) you can set for it a state (equal to on/off) or a value (equal to or less/greater than 0 – 1000).

Now set  the time after that the result of your configuration have to be executed.
Once you have configured the logic just click on “Add Logic” blue button and all its information will appear on a specific line below the setting area.

You can set as many logic configurations as you need.

3. Other options

Each new configuration row ends with an “X” icon. If you does need to remove a specific components just click on it and changes will authomatically be saved.