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Week Timer Calendar finds its reason for being in the presence of multiple “Week Timer” components within the same project. The plugin is designed to allow the end user to manage the presence of multiple and different weekly timers (working, holiday , vacation, etc.) on EVE Remote application.

Step by step support


Differently from other EVE plugin modules, this plugin is thought to be used on EVE Manager and EVE Remote.

EVE Manager

“Week Timer Calendar” component is already visible on “Components Library” tab. However you necessarily need to download EVE Logic on your PC in order to make use of this additional service/component. EVE Logic installation will allow you to successfully use this component on your new project.

1. EVE Logic download

Select Tools tab from EVE Manager menu –> Plugins

Download EVE Logic in order to enable Week Timer Calendar plugin.

You can also check the plugin modules installation page.

2. Component’s properties

Drag and drop from “Components Library” to “My components” the components you want to control on your interface and for which you want to set timers. In this case we will set timers for the switch of the main gate.

We will set 2 ” Week Timers”: one (Main Week Timer) will identify the week timers for the regular working days, besides, the other one (Bank Holiday Timer) will identify the week timers for the Bank Holidays days. Drag and drop n.2 Week Timer components to “My components” area and give them a personal name for a better identification. Set which one of these components have to be the default one.

Eventually, drag and drop from “Components Library” to “My components” a “Week Timer Calendar”. The first Week Timer Calendar you will add to your components area will be the default one by the system as shown in the figure.

3. User interface creation

Proceed with creating the user interface. Drag and drop the component you want to control in the canvas area.

You do not have to add “Week Timer” components on your user interface. Instead, you need to drag and drop the “Week Timer Calendar” to your canvas area. Update the project to the server and then check the result.

You will be able to manually control the switch you added on your interface. Just click on it and it will switch ON and OFF.

4. Week Timers setting

Keep the switch icon selected with your controller for 2 seconds in order to get access to the “Week Timer” area. This will show you information about all timers of that specific component filtered day by day.

Here you can swipe from “Main Week Timer” to “Bank Holiday Timer” and set different timers for each of these different “Week Timer” tipologies. In order to learn how to set a new timer please refer to Week Timer plugin web page.

In the specific case, we created a repetitive event from Monday to Friday for the regular working week. Every morning the main gate switches to ON at 7:30 AM and switches OFF at 8:30 AM.

Then we set the “Bank Holiday Timer”: we do not want the main gate to open on Bank Holiday days so we did not set any events.

Once you’ll have done this go back to the user interface and get access to “Week Timer Calendar” with just a click/tap.


5. Week Timer Calendar

Access to “Week Timer Calendar” with just a click/tap. Here you’ll see an annual calendar.

Below you can swipe from one “Week Timer” to another (if more than one is set in the project). The “Week Timer” you previously set as the default one will not appear. In this specific case, we will see only “Bank Holiday Timer”.

Select on the calendar the days which you want the system to identify as Bank Holidays. On this way the system will actuate the timers of “Bank Holiday Timer” on those days. All changes will be automatically saved once you will exit from the timers setting area.