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Week Timer is a special plugin that allows the system to handle a basic function, the programming of events. Week Timer makes it possible to create repeatable events in order to automate the actions over time. Week Timer is an extremely versatile 24 Hour 365 Day event timer designed to support a wide range of EVE components. Events may be set for single or multiple operations on a daily and/or weekly schedule.

Step by step support


Differently from other EVE plugin modules, this plugin is thought to be used on EVE Manager and EVE Remote.

EVE Manager

“Week Timer” component is already visible on “Components Library” tab. However you necessarily need to download EVE Logic on your PC in order to make use of this additional service/component. EVE Logic installation will allow you to successfully use this component on your new project.

1. EVE Logic download

Select Tools tab from EVE Manager menu –> Plugins

Download EVE Logic in order to enable Week Timer plugin.

You can also check the plugin modules installation page.

2. Component’s properties

Once you have dropped Week Timer component to “My components” area, “Component’s properties” area will show you the component’s details. Give it a personal name if you prefer so.

The first Week Timer you will add to your components area will be the default one by the system as shown in the figure.

Infact, you can choose to add to your components more than a Week Timer (Main week timer, Holiday week timer, etc.) and this means that you have to choose which one is the defualt one.

Once you have dropped Week Timer component to “My components” area, drag and drop also all the other components you want to control in your projects such as switches.

3. User interface creation

Proceed with creating the user interface. Drag and drop all the components you want to control in the canvas area.

You do not have to add “Week Timer” component on your user interface. Update the project to the server and then check the result.

You will be able to manually control the lights you added on your interface. Just click on them and lights will switch ON and OFF.

4. Week Timer setting

Keep the light icon selected with your controller for 2 seconds in order to get access to the “Week Timer” area. This will show you information about all timers of that specific component filtered day by day.

In order to set a new timer for the specific selected component press the “+” icon on top right corner of the screen. The setting area will appear.

Once you get access to the setting area, use the days of the week line up and the clock setting tools in order to set the timer. Select the day/s of the week and the time.

Just press the “<” icon on top left corner of the screen in order to go back to the “Week Timer” timers list of the specific component.  Your timer setting will be automatically saved.

Press the bin icon on  top right of the screen if you want to remove the timer.

The “Week Timer” timers list of the specific component will show you all the set timers displayed on different rows. Any new row summarizes the specific setting of the timer. Here, remember to set the icon of the switch component ON or OFF in order to end the setting of the timer.

The white point at the end of each row identifies the specific activity of the timer. In order to disable the timer (but not remove it) just  press the white point and it will disappear. Press again on the area to activate the timer again.

5. Timer’s editing

Switch day by day in order to see all the timers of that specific component filtered day by day. Just click on one of them in  order to get access to the specific setting area and so edit the parameters. All your changes will be automatically saved once you will go back to the “Week Timer” area.

Do the same with all the components for which you want to set timers.