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EVE Remote login

Screenshot_2015-08-27-12-09-46This is the welcome page of EVE Remote App that is shown when running the App.

Here are listed all the registered accounts to connect to you EVE systems.

Select EVE logo on top in order to get information about the App version.

Live Demo” account allows you to connect to a real demonstrative KNX installation. This is an account registered by default when downloading the App for the first time and is pointed as the preferred one. You can take it, edit it or remove it from your accounts list.

When you point an account as the preferred one, system automatically connect to it when you run the App. If more preferred accounts are present, the system wait for your choice.

Screenshot_2015-08-27-12-09-47 = this icon on top right of the screen allows the creation of a new account.

Screenshot_2015-08-27-10-37-43Arrow = go back to welcome page;    Bin = remove the new account.


EVE Remote App (Classic) login page:

Title: Account name which will be displaied on top of the login page;

IP address: IP Address of your internet network where EVE is running;

Username: User ID defined on EVE Manager for the specific user;

Password: User password defined on EVE Manager for the specific user;

Screenshot_2015-08-27-10-40-171Color Image: here you can set the background color for your account area on the welcome page; if you also set a profile picture, color image will be a layer on it;

Color Text: this is the color of the Title text of your account;

Image: EVE black background is set by default, however you can choose to customize your profile picture taking a photo (only for mobiles).

Screenshot_2015-08-27-11-28-13Once entered login data it is necessary to press arrow on top left of the screen to go back to the welcome page where all the registered accounts to connect to you EVE systems are displaied.

It is possible to set more than only a preferred account. In order to set an account as preferred just click on the star icon on the specific account area.

All the registered accounts will be displaied with the following order:

– preferred accounts (alphabetic order);

– all the oder accounts (alphabetic order).

Screenshot_2015-08-27-11-28-22To edit the account it is necessary to swipe the specific account from right to left and the editing icon on a red background will appear. Select the edit icon in order to access to the login page of the specific account.

Screenshot_2015-08-27-11-31-45In order to connect to your EVE system you just need to select the specific account area. It could take few seconds to build up the user interface, depending on the internet connection and the size of your installation project.

Below, on botton right of the screen, the banner reporting the selected account’s title, inform you about the loading of the project:

– green banner, it means that the App is successfully connected to EVE;

– red banner, it means the App is NOT connected to EVE. In case of loading error, it can depend on the network setting or on the authentication parameters entered on the login page. When the connection fails, the red banner alerts you with the reason of the failure;

– yellow banner, it means that the App is waiting for your command to execute.

Previous version

Please refer to this link to get further information about the previous version of EVE Remote Classic.