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App download

Note. The supervision of projects made with EVE Manager software 4.x requires this version of EVE Remote Classic.

Please refer to the dedicated “Downloads” page of our official web site.

EVE Remote login

2015-08-24_15-56-06This is the welcome page of EVE Remote App that is shown when running the App.

Select “START” button in order to go further and log in to your user account.

“DEMO” button allows you to enter to a demonstration which has no real connection.

To visit our official website select “DISCOVER EVE” button and the browser will open.


This is the login page of EVE Remote App (Classic Style).

Login page:

Name: Account name which will be displaied on top of the login page;

EVE IP address: IP Address of your internet network where EVE is running;

User: User ID defined on EVE Manager for the specific user;

Password: User password defined on EVE Manager for the specific user;

Connect: the button that confirms the action of connection to the system.

2015-08-24_16-07-3523Here is a sample of user login:

2015-08-24_15-58-321 = if added it means this the preferred account that will be always shown as the first;

2015-08-24_15-58-322 = if ticked it means that entered information will be memorized for the next access.

2015-08-27_09-18-212015-08-24_16-07-35234 = it allows creation of new accounts and arrows permits navigation between them.

2015-08-24_16-16-10Once logged in, on top left of the screen, the settings icon will be displaied.

When you select the icon, the settings panel is shown as well as the software version:

Show welcome: when ticked, the App always shows you the welcome page when open;

Show login at start: when ticked, the App always shows you the login page when open;

Fahrenheit unit: when ticked, it converts any heating value in Farhrenheit unit;

Windows effect: when ticked, allows a different effect on submenu appearing;

Below the common action to cancel and save settings and log out from the system.