web-pageWeb Page

It allows you to add a web page into the EVE Remote user interface.



This component’s sample is made by using WEB gateway.

Please refer to “Gateways / Protocols” guide in order to get further info.

Local URL (empty field): enter the URL of the local web page( you want to be visualized on the interface;

Remote URL (empty field): enter the URL of the remote web page(http://www.google.it) you want to be visualized on the interface;

Other neighbour connected LAN (empty field): Enter here the address of a local network to enter the first 3 digits of your IP class, for example if you want to connect to address in this window we will insert 192.168.0

Only for iOS
Enable multi touch gesture (checkbox): it allows the zoom in and out of the web page.

eden-remoteEVE Remote Plus

Three different view mode possibilities: “CLASSIC”, “MODAL” and “HIDDEN”. Learn more about component’s view modes.



Here is the visual result of the component on EVE Remote (Classic Style).

Web Page is directly opened inside EVE Remote App without using browser.

Web page ⇒ Web Page mask

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