F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions

How does EVE Server comunicate with other systems?

EVE hardware has a network connection through which you are allowed to connect to other protocols.

  • For KNX and VIMAR: it is necessary to use an IP gateway -> KNX
  • For BTicino: you need to use any IP gateway equipped with Bticino OpenWebNet logo
  • For other protocols:

– there is always a converter that converts messages from Ethernet to serial messages RS232, RS485 for Modbus RTU. Some examples of network gateways are SimonsVoss that provides access to the functionality of their system access control and professional locks and HUE that allows handling Philips lamps.

– you can directly access to the device over a network such in case of ELMO branded alarm central, management of UPnP multimedia devices, IRTrans infrared emitter/receiver and Giove and Giove Free central to manage Vivaldi multi-room audio.

EVE also offers the ability to add proprietary protocols. Later we will see how third parties can add modules written in C# language for the addition of logics of operation or even complete protocols.

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How do I access to the system remotely?

Most domestic ADSL connections provide a dynamic public IP address (that changes over time). This creates great difficulties to reach the system remotely. For this purpose ilevia provides a service that allows you to get around this: just make sure your system is connected to the internet. To use this service simply connect at least once with the device that will access to the remote use in the local network using the local IP address. So doing EVE Remote will know the serial number of the server that will be used to resolve the public IP address in the cloud ilevia. To remotely access it is, however, necessary to add a rule in your router that is to divert the traffic received on port 18000 TCP type to the local IP address of the server to the same port.