Datagram gateway’s parameters

The gateway is created to communicate EVE with IR Trans devices.
These devices can be controlled through Scenario components where you can enter commands configured within the device.


Name (field): enter the title for your KNX gateway;

Protocol (drop down): choose the protocol to match with the gateway;

Enable (check box): it allows to enable /disable the selected gateway;

Address (field): IP address of the Datagram gateway;

Port (field): TCP port of the Datagram gateway (default: 21000);

Component’s parameters

HEX Char (field): symbol that in the “command” field indicates whether a character is hexadecimal.

Command (field): field where you enter the commands configured on the IR Trans device.

Example: To send a command, enter “snd” followed by the command configured on the IR Trans, in this case “zodiac, ch +”. To configure the IR Trans you can consult their web page that  you find at this link.


Broadcast (check box): send the message to all network users.

You can view an example of the Scenario component configuration with the IR Trans downloading the example from this link.
After uploading the project to EVE Manager, following the link instructions, go to the Components section and in the My components area open the LIVE group, then TV Controller or Remote control.
You can try the functioning by opening the Live Room section in the EVE Remote Plus app.