The home automation requires first and foremost that the system is stable. Unfortunately the writing software and the various changes that are made over time can generate unpredictable errors. For this reason we have divided the server into two parts: a base software that is modified as little as possible so as to keep each very stable system and a second software to be able to expand the functionality of the system.

We have in fact created plugins (modules) that allow us to add the functionality required by the customer in the event that actually serve. Only when a plugin is considered sufficiently stable is moved to the main module of the software thus minimizing the possibility of errors when additions or updates.

The plugins are components that can be used on the project but need to be separately installed on the server using the specific function. There are two types of plugins: those using a web page to be configured and those that are used in the EVE Manager configuration software. In order to make both of them be effectively be usable, you need to install a single plugin called EVE Logic on the server, whereas others can be installed one by one according to the needs of each project.

This distinction has been made for allowing the end user, via web pages, to configure aspects of the project (such as the management of the areas of the irrigation of a garden) independently from any browser, without the need to have access the entire project through the EVE Manager configuration software. The plugins that are part of the main EVE Logic module ( And-Or, If…Then, Calculator, Charts, Linker, Signal, Logger, Sunrise-Sunset, etc.) are available to the installer who can choose to use them only with EVE Manager. EVE Manager is designed to be modular and highly customizable. Plugins were born also to allow other companies to independently create specific control algorithms, or handle proprietary protocols in a completely autonomous using EVE Suite as the basis for the development of their specific applications.

EVE Logic installation

In order to actually use the plugins present in EVE Manager and plugins with configuration via web page you first need to download to your PC the main EVE Logic module and later carry out the installation.

Once you downloaded and installed the module EVE Logic plugin components available on the components library of EVE Manager will actually be up and running. Similarly, the plugins with configuration via web page will be activated only after the installation of the EVE Logic module and, in addition, their specific installation.

Follow tutorial of EVE Logic installation in order to use the available plugins of EVE system.

Web Pages configuration

UniversalGatewayUniversal Gateway

Universal Gateway acts as a real bridge allowing to combine two devices of different protocols so that the implementation of the command on a device also corresponds to the implementation on the other and vice versa (unidirectional or bidirectional logic).

Light SaverLight Saver

Light Saver has been developed in order to avoid energy waste. In particular, this plugin concerns lights but also any device which needs to be turned off. Light Saver allows to set a timer of activity for each switch of your project and also fading values.

Command ShortcutCommand Shortcut

Command Shortcut has been developed in order to simplify and speed up the way you interact with your devices to control your system. You now have the way to act on them without get access to the remote controller App, but just using a safe link to a web page.

Color SequencerColor Sequencer

Color Sequencer allows you to easily and quickly set the perfect color sequences of your RGB lights. Set unlimited color sequence congurations for different RGB lights and choose which actions will turn the RGB light color sequences on.