Irrigation is the right tool developed for who need to take care of the garden. Irrigation Plugin let you choose the areas which you want to water and the timer of activity for each one of it. Especially, it will be possible for you to use a rain sensor to make its job even perfect and ensure to be aligned with the weather in real time!



This video shows you how to configure the plugin module. Get to the configuration page entering http://your_IPaddress/logic/plugins/irrigation as URL on your browser. Otherwise you can access to the configuration page using the plugin configuration command on EVE Manager. Please refer to “EVE Logic installation” guide.


1. Enable/Disable plugin

To enable/disable the plugin to use click the ON/OFF button on the right corner on top of the web page screen.
Turn the plugin ON is the step that you don’t have to forget in order to make it enabled to work.

2. Main setting

Switch to “Settings” tab. Here you enable/disable the automatic irrigation of your zones. The proper button will turn green once enabled.

Here you choose whether to add a rain sensor to the project or not and select the main pump of your irrigation system. Select the switch from the drop down menu and then click “Save”  in order to save settings.

You can also choose to  flush the irrigating pump. Select the switch from the drop down menu and then set the flushing timing.

3. Zones selection

Switch to “Zones” tab.

Here you need to choose your zones (or  zones’ switches) from your drop down list. Below a review of all the zones that you have added to the logic. They will be displaied  on different rows where you can set further configurations.

4. Zones setting

Select days of the week when you want the specific zone to be irrigated (selected button turn to be green). Set the hour of the day you want the switch to be activated and the time the irrigation need to last. If you need the same zone to be irrigated more than once a day you smply have to add that zone twice on your logic configuration and set it differently.

You can also choose whether to include the zone on the automatic irrigation  system or not (selected button turn to be green).

5. Other options

There is another option of which you can make use: select “Water Now” button in order to start irrigation of the specific zone instantly. The button turns to be green (as the function is selected) and program displays the word “Watering”. Click again on “Watering” in order to stop irrigation.

Each new zone row ends with an “X” icon. If you does need to remove a specific zone just click on it and changes will authomatically be saved.