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It is used to measure a partial of a value, it also includes a reset mode and an alert mode.



This component’s sample is made by using Graphic UI gateway.


Counter: (dropdown) it is used to store the values of an energy counter, we recommend using the “Info” component;

Reset: (dropdown) used to reset the energy counter,  we recommend using the “Pulse” component;

Last reset date: (dropdown) stores the values of the last reset date,  we recommend using the “Info” component.

Partial result: (dropdown) you can see the result of your Partial using an “Info” component;


Reset mode: 


Max threshold: used to set the max value of the threshold, once reached this component will trigger an alert;

Customizable max threshold: using a “Tuner” component will allow the user to customize the value of the max threshold;

Threshold overtaken: for this component we recommend using a “Switch”;

Well done, keep learning!

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