Why a server?


From the beginning, ilevia has worked together with SAE Impianti, a company engaged in the field of electrical installation for over 50 years. This collaboration has been particularly meaningful to define the basic characteristics of EVE software from the point of view of the installer.

Firstly the stability of the system plays a key role as a software or hardware problem can become a nightmare for installers. For this reason, EVE has been tested and installed for over 5 years before being officially sold. The numerous tests and installations made from SAE Impianti in our area have allowed us to eliminate all the problems that inevitably arise in the development of a software. This has also contributed to the development of remote control functionality dedicated to the installer.

Why a server?

The server is a key element of the system EVE. EVE is a device that is always active and constantly monitors the building by doing what is planned on the project (EVE Server instead is seen as the only software installed on a PC).

Some of the other systems are not involved in the use of a server offering an App to use through smartphones or web page on the browser of your computer. This philosophy is considered advantageous as it does not require you to install a device.

We believe that a server is essential to handle a building in the best manner. Here are the reasons that led to this choice:


Giving the possibility to integrate different protocols and different devices to communicate on the same system: for example integrate a Modbus heating system with KNX or Vimar, Bticino.


Ensuring the speed of data transmission: web pages require more data and more time for viewing, the result is a slow pace that the user perceives as difficulties in operating the system. The App that we provide is designed to share the least amount of data and then provide the maximum speed achievable. The server continuously updates the status of all connected devices. In this way, the response is immediate as it is not necessary to ask for information to the device via the KNX bus.

Multiple access.

Allowing simultaneous access to multiple users with different permissions to the App for remote control of the building;

Automatic executions.

The autonomous execution of operations defined by the timer is only possible if a server performs operations. In the other systems if the App is not running no operation can be performed.

Additional functions.

Make available the use of additional features such as recording data for graphs, event log, email forwarding, etc. These may not be carried out without the existence of a server.


Some functionality and control logics prevent the insertion of very expensive physical devices in the system. Also for this reason, in order to carry out these operations in real time, it is needed for the existence of a server.

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