If you can no longer connect to your Server (e.g. can’t connect through IP), you can reset your IP with this guide. You can reset it using a STATIC IP or DHCP IP.


Step 1: Format a USB Key in FAT32.

Step 2: Download the latest version of the file: STATIC IP or DHCP IP.

Step 3: Extract the files from

Step 4: Drag and drop the eve.settings.txt inside the formatted USB.

Step 5: Remove the USB from the PC and plug it in your Raspberry or EVE X1.

Step 6: You can start/stop services to apply settings in the file, or simply restart the system.

Step 7: After you’ve restarted the system, wait 20 seconds and unplug the USB Key.

Step 8:  Now the system will have the parameters that you have chosen in the configuration.

HOW TO EDIT eve.settings.txt


NETWORK_MODE=STATIC                                    ⇒ Choose between STATIC or DHCP*. NETWORK_IP=                               ⇒ Choose your desired IP. NETWORK_MASK=                      ⇒ Choose your desired Subnet Mask. NETWORK_GATEWAY=               ⇒ Choose your desired Gateway. NETWORK_DNS1=                          ⇒ Choose your 1st DNS SERVER. NETWORK_DNS2=                                         ⇒ Choose your 2nd DNS SERVER.

*If NETWORK_MODE is equal to DHCP the system will be set in DHCP.

Note: If a file “db.eve” is present in the root of USB key it will replace the current PROJECT inside EVE X1 Server.

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