Our Live Demo project is ready to use!

Live Demo Project

ZIP file download

For your convenince try an installation project via our Live Demo.

Download the .eve file and open it with the configuration program EVE Manager.
Upload the project to EVE Server and see the result on your EVE Remote app.
This way you will be able to:
  • see the structure of a complex project;
  • learn how to configure common components;
  • understand the differences between the two user interfaces;
  • edit the project and upload it on your VM or Raspberry;
  • use the same project for your demonstrations with customers.

Quick steps:

Step 1:
Run  the latest version of EVE Manager software tool

Step 2: Select “Open” from File menu and select the unzipped .eve file

Step 3: Enter the project’s authentication name – admin – and password – password

Step 4: Select “Upload to server” from Project menu and enter the same authentication data

Step 5: Enter the IP address of your EVE Server (Virtual Machine or Raspberry Pi) and confirm

Step 6: Run EVE Remote app (Map Style) and connect to EVE Server using demomap account login (Name: demomap – Password: demomap)

Step 7: Run EVE Remote app (Classic Style) and and connect to EVE Server using demo account login (Name: demo – Password: demo)

Is there anything unclear? Then please follow instructions at the Quick Start page.