The IP/ KNX convertor is designed for an intelligent building control system, which is used to connect the KNX bus and the LAN. It serves as an interface between KNX installations and IP networks. TCP telegrams from the client devices on the LAN can be converted to KNX telegrams via the convertor, and be sent to the KNX bus to control KNX devices. For convenient to control the KNX/EIB devices by a LAN devices, we define a communication protocol which is transmitted on the data field of the IP packet transferred by the IP/ KNX convertor in the chapter 4 of this manual. The users can configure or program the IP network devices according to the protocol to achieve the control for KNX devices. The IP/ KNX convertor has two working modes: the monitor mode and the filter mode. In the monitor mode, all active telegrams can be forwarded. In the filter mode, only the telegrams those with a group address in the filter table in the IP/KNX convertor will be forwarded to the other side. The filter table can be set via the Filter Table Setting Command from the IP network. The IP address of the IP/KNX convertor is fixed and can be configured before running. The power supply is not only from the KNX bus, but also need an additional 30V DC supply.


  • Support TCP/IP protocol, always works in TCP server mode
  • Transfer the communication control telegrams transparently
  • Support up to10 TCP connections at the same time
  • Transfer the TCP telegram to the KNX/EIB system to control the KNX device
  • Monitor the telegrams on KNX bus and transfer them to all the clients connected
  • Read respond telegram will only be sent to the initiator
  • To read and write any data type which the max length is 14 bytes defined in the KNX standard