The RS485/ KNX converter is designed for intelligent building control system. It has built-in 2000V ESD protection. The RS485/ KNX converter can transfer two-way signals, but only RS485 devices can control the KNX/EIB devices with current version of our open control protocol. No standardized higher layer protocol for RS485 bus, we define one in the chapter 4 of this manual for RS485 devices to control KNX/EIB devices. The users can configure or program the RS485 devices according to the protocol to achieve the control. The RS485/ KNX converter has two working modes: the monitor mode and the filter mode. In the case of the monitor mode, all active telegrams can be forwarded. In the filter mode, only the telegrams those with a group address in the filter table in the RS485/ KNX converter will be forwarded to the other side. The filter table can be set via the filter table setting command from RS485 bus system.


  • Open communication protocols for the RS485 interface
  • To receive and transfer the telegram in defined format
  • Converting the telegram from the RS485 bus to the KNX/EIB telegram, and sending to the KNX/EIB system, to control the KNX devices
  • ACK report and executed result report
  • Support bus monitor and filter functions (the filter table can be configured or programmed. The Max. Number of group address is 254 in the table.)
  • The baud rate of the convertor can be programmed
  • To read and write any data type defined in the KNX standard (Max. 14 bytes)