KA/R1216.1 -Switch Actuator, 12-Fold

Product Description

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: K-BUS
Max. Voltage: Bus voltage: 21~30V DC , via the EIB bus Stand-by Power: Max.360 mW
Output: 4ch / 8ch / 12ch
Rated Voltage Current: 250V AC ( 50/60 Hz ) 16A
Connections: EIB / KNX, via bus connection terminal (diameter 0.8mm)
Operating: Green LED indicates proper device functioning. Operating / Display: Red LED & Push Button for physical address.
Installation: on 35mm DIN rail

Product Feature


  • Manual operation supported;
  • Scene control / preset via 8 bit/ 1 bit commands;
  • Logic operation of AND, OR, XOR, Gate function;
  • Forced control and Safety function;
  • Response to Threshold function;
  • Control of Electric Thermal Valve drivers;
  • Selection of preferable state after bus voltage failure;
  • Staircase lighting with warning and highly-adjustable staircase lighting time;
  • Switching delay;

Model Number: KA/R1216.1


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