CHTC-86/01.1.11-Thermostatic Panel

Product and function instruction

Temperature control panel mainly used in building control systems and installed with EIB / KNX bus and other devices together as a system. It’s connected directly to the terminal via the EIB bus, no need of additional power supply. Standard 86 wall-mounted installation. You can use the engineering design software ETS (version above ETS3 ) with VD3/VD4 ETS files to allocate physical address and set up parameter.

Main function summarized as below:

Capacitive touch buttons, LCD display

  • Selected internal and external temperature sensor
  • Basic and additional heating and cooling temperature control function
  • Relative and absolute room temperature adjustment function
  • Variety of temperature control mode,continuous PI control, switching PI control and on-off control
  • With PI parameters self-tuning and manual tuning two kinds of control modes
  • Timing room temperature control switch mode and transmit data function
  • Manual and automatic three-speed fan control
  • Temperature and humidity threshold function
  • Logical function
  • Three way binary input for controlling the switching, dimming, curtains and scenes;

Model Number: CHTC-86/01.1.11


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