KI/U0401.1 – Universal Interface

Product Description

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: K-BUS
Model Number: KI/U0401.1
Power Supply: made avaliable by the bus
Operating voltage: 21~30V DC
Operating Current: Max. 12 mA
Power Consumption: Max.360 mW
Input: 4ch passive push button
Output: 4ch LED output (Max. 2 mA/ch)
Operating: Green LED indicates proper device functioning.
Operating / Display: Red LED & Push Button for physical address.
Installation: in 80/86 – box

Product Feature

  • Switching and dimming function;
  • Forced output function;
  • Invocate and storing of scenes;
  • Switching esquence function;
  • Counter function;
  • Operation of various loads by multiple push button actions;
  • Control of blinds and shutters;
  • Trigger an LED for reporting an operation.

Model Number: KI/U0401.1


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