EVE Suite Software can be downloaded and used completely free of charge for your tests anddemos. In this case the server software is provided full-featured, but not licensed and with a lifetime limitation, with the possibility to be installed on different hardware supports. If your trial expires, you can extend the trial period reinstalling the free server firmware on your hardware unit. On this way you will have time to continue carry out your tests and fully understand and master the product. To convert a Trial to a Paid License, you need to subscribe and activate it.

Please refer to license activation guide to learn how to extend your EVE Suite License lifetime.


A highly popular computer, which can be used in many electronic projects, and for many other applications. Raspberry Pi is very easy to find and is available all over the world without restrictions.

Lifetime: 7 DAYS (168 h)

Firmware: Free download

Possibility to extend the Trial period every 7 days or convert a Trial to a Paid License

Installation Guide for Raspberry Pi

Step 1: Download the Server Firmware for Raspberry Pi (about 1 GB);

Step 2: Extract the .img file from the zipped folder;

Step 3: Insert the SD Card (at least 8 GB) on the SD card reader;

Step 4: Format the SD card using SDFormatter software;

Step 5: Write the .img file on the SD card using Win32 Disk Imager software;

Step 6: Eject the SD card from the SD card reader;

Arrange the necessary equipment for the start of your Raspberry Pi:

Step 7: Insert the SD card on the Raspberry Pi;

Step 8: Plug the Micro USB charger;

Step 9: Plug the Ethernet cable to the Raspberry Pi;

Wait just a couple of minutes, after this EVE Server will be up and running.

> Continue your system setup with our Setup Guide

> How to restore Raspberry Pi to factory defaults

Well done, keep learning!

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