ILEVIA is a young and dynamic company, it was founded in 2008 following the creation of a development team for the historic company SAE Impianti which operates in the industrial and civil electrical plant sector since 1966. Thanks to the precious collaboration and the continuous comparison with advanced installers a new and innovative home automation supervision solution for houses and buildings was born. Every aspect of the developed system was designed by Italian engineers from complementary work experiences: software design and development, electronics and plant engineering. The guiding principles have always been integration and ease of use, both features aimed at solving the problems of professionals. Over the years, the Company has taken a leading position in both the Italian and international markets, becoming a true point of reference in the sector. Indeed, the company offers a stable and advanced technology that integrates the best automation standards, the most reliable proprietary systems combined with the latest technologies for Smart Home and IoT (Google and Amazon voice assistants, Web services, etc.). The application field of the solution ranges from smart home to industry for process optimization, to customized OEM products.


Quartiere Prè, 45
Bassano del Grappa (VI)
C.A.P. 36061 – ITALY
VAT: IT 03516500240

Phone: (+39) 0424 480034
E-mail: info@ilevia.com
Skype: ilevia.italy