Stop the energy waste, Energy Tutor:
the guardian of the consumptions.

EnergyTutor is more efficient hardware and software system for controlling the energy costs: at home, in the block of flats and in the factories.

The monitoring is simple, reliable and safe:
with LOVATO the saving is the winner strategy.

Nevermore waste of energy at home, in the offices and in the your company’s departments: from now with monitoring, management and metering of energy’s data you will always have under observation the use of energy and you are able to improve the use.

EnergyTutor™ monitors all the consumptions of electric energy, thermal energy (heating and cooling) and volumes (fluids and gas fuels) thanks to the precision of its plug and play self-adaptable energy meters.

The EnergyTutor™ system is easy-to-use, with its intuitive interface that furnishes a clear and precise analysis of consumptions and the overheads for energy.

You won’t have thoughts anymore thanks to the safety guaranteed by EnergyTutor™, that collects the data into a cloud server and make them available via internet, but only to the registered users.

The EnergyTutor™ data reporting is well understandable and will become your best allied for the saving: discover the real energy consumption in a exact period, compare different periods, verify the trend of the loads and calculate the real cost of the consumptions… in Euro!

That is not all: EnergyTutor™ is the ideal system for metering the consumptions for the diverse users and cost centers and therefore it is an essential support for energy audit with precision and with high frequency, it also allows to find the functioning anomalies.

And after an energy retrofitting thanks to the EnergyTutor™ you can immediately realize  the saving.

Energy Tutor – your energy world!


Energy Tutor Monitoring System

A single device for your Energy world monitoring.


Monitoring and control of Company’s energy costs.
The hardware+software system is more efficient for the control of company’s Energy costs, and supports the choice of the most effective saving strategies.


EnergyTutor™ monitors all consumption of:


• THERMAL ENERGY (calories and frigories)

• VOLUMES (fluids and gas fuels)

With installation friendly and self adaptable energy meters.

Trend analysis of the use of power loads


EnergyTutor™ collects the data into a CLOUD server and provides them to all registered users trough internet.





The EnergyTutor™ intuitive interface allows a clear and exact analysis of consumption data and energy management costs.

Possibility of comparing consumption of different periods


The EnergyTutor™ data reporting is well understandable, and will become your best allied for the saving: period energy consumption, periods comparison, energy loads trend, effective consumption calculation in Euro.





  • Useful for classification of consumption data into several cost centers (direct / indirect costs)
  • Essential support for Energy Audit, monitors the EFFECTIVE CONSUMPTION  with extreme precision and high frequency
  • Perfect instrument for the saving monitoring after energy qualification intervention
  • Energy consumption in Euro
  • Essential support to find functioning irregularity 




All the devices supplied

with ENERGY TUTOR systems

are MID norm approved.

Calculation of energy costs by including supply rates



Report energy in energy consumption or in Euro according to user









hiQoo™ Server Data Cloud

The heart and brain of EnergyTutor smart system

Web Server for the collection and transmission of consumption data (electric energy, thermal energy, volumetric consumptions of fluids and gas fuels) to Datacenter Cloud.

It is the perfect tool for Energy Manager, apartment block administrators, business companies and privates.

  • Essential support to Energy Audit, it monitors the ACTUAL CONSUMPTIONS with extreme precision and high frequency.
  • Useful for subdivision of consumption data in cost centers (direct/indirect costs).
  • The server includes the on-line user license of the software for the visualization and reporting of counted data “ENERGY TUTOR”.

Dimensions: 120x120x43

Power supply: External charger 110/230 Vac
Shell: Aluminium, without fan

Smart Energy Monitoring Solution


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