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EVE Suite FREE Trial

Test the system with EVE Suite FREE trial

EVE Suite can be downloaded and used completely free of charge for your tests and demos. In this case the server software is provided full-featured, but not licensed with a limitation on its lifetime, with the possibility of being installed on different hardware units: virtual machine, Raspberry Pi (we can provide you with pre-configured Raspberry) or EVE X1 Server.

This free demo license will expire but you will be allowed to reinstall the server software on your hardware unit as many times as you need to carry out your tests, fully understand and master the product. Please contact us for information about how to extend EVE lifetime.



Application environment that is installed on software and emulates hardware resources. Virtualization limits costs by reducing the need to purchase more physical hardware systems.


Lifetime: 7 days (168 hours)

New setup: Unlimited times

Download: Free everytime


A highly popular computer, which can be used in many electronic projects, and for many other applications. Raspberry Pi is very easy to find and is available all over the world without restrictions.


Lifetime: 7 days (168 hours)

New setup: Unlimited times

Download: Free everytime


Hardware solution for advanced needs in the automation of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, designed to manage an entire system. EVE X1 is the compact unit for smart building control.


Lifetime: 60 days (1140 hours)

Download: Not possible

Purchase to extend your server lifetime.