KNX voice control with Google

Add Google Home Assistant to your KNX installations in 10 mins

Ok Google, turn on home

Use your voice to control your KNX home.

Just connect your EVE X1 to your KNX installation.
Then simply say “Hey, Google” and your command.


Google Assistant

Voice Commands Examples

Ok Google,
turn on kitchen light

Ok Google,
set downlights to green

Ok Google,
brighten lamp by 30%

Ok Google,
open kitchen blinds

Ok Google,
set dining room  to 21° C

Ok Google,
what is the temperature?

Ok Google,
turn on TV in living room

Ok Google,
turn on Party mode

Ok Google,
activate Goodnight scene

Order EVE X1 for KNX

* works with Google Home Assistant

€ 590

* VAT and shipping excluded.

Easy configuration in no time

Configuration is done by a few simple steps in our software. To get started, you import your ETS file and tailor the names and rooms for voice control by Google.  Now you can control your KNX home using your personal Google Assistant on your smartphone or Google Home device.

Watch the video of how to add Google Home

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