It allows to define the generation of daily, weekly or annual events to be used in order to activate scenarios.

A Timer turns out to be very useful in order to trigger the system’s scenarios.

Timer component does not require to be configured for any specific gateway.

This is due to the fact that Timer is an internal mechanism of EVE Server.

What is really important is the fact that date depends on the system date of the server.

In the case of Raspberry Pi hardware without the internet connection, the timer does not work properly.


Repetition: WEEKLY

Time (0-24): enter the time of the day;

Days (checkboxes): select days of the week;

Description: empty field used to specify info.


Repetition: MONTHLY

Time (0-24): enter the time of the day;

Numbers: select days  of the month;

Description: empty field used to specify info.


Repetition: CALENDAR

Time (0-24): enter the time of the day;

Select days: select days of the year;

Description: empty field used to specify info.

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