Thousands of audio and video systems now at the service of your EVE home automation system

14.4.2017 | Innovations, News

Today those who have chosen to rely on the EVE home automation system for the management and supervision of houses and offices have a reason to be joyful because there is important news! In fact it is official the news about the ability to manage most of the audio / video systems currently on the market such as Smart TV, Hi-Fi, Home Theater of the industry brands such as Samsung, Bose, Sonos, Panasonic, Yamaha, Sony, Onkyo and many others.

With the new integration of UPnP standard protocol (Universal Plug and Play) already used for many years in most of the products for the consumer (4 billion of products, estimated by the official DLNA portal), the EVE home automation system is now able to control them all from a single app. Not only that, there is another very interesting aspect that is the possibility of expanding the multimedia experience with other functions of the home automation system.

We do some concrete examples: we wake up in the morning and only after turning on the light or raising a shutter we begin to hear in the background our favorite music. Or, the intensity of the lights of our cinema is automatically faded as soon as the film is scheduled to begin. The film is temporarily interrupted, the lights come back on and / or we receive a notification if someone rings at our door. As long as our smart home solution enables systems installed to “talk” to each other, the installer can “teach” them to act independently according to our preferences.

In addition to the control of basic functions ( “Play” of any multimedia content taken from any source, internet or physical source, and reproduced on a target device (speaker), the “Stop“, the “Pause” and the regulation of the volume) it is possible to determine the playback of multimedia content on the basis of interaction with switches, the activation of timers or presence and motion sensors. Why not think, for example, to simulate your presence in the house playing music (or noise) if it is violated access in your absence?

This is a novelty that will affect a lot of current users of the EVE home automation system, but those who have a different one, Vimar By-Me or BTicino MyHome for example, may they be as happy as us because all of this is already available also for them.