Stvdivm Vrbis

The Aulusplan Group considered to share knowledge and expertise gained in many years of activity in their respective sectors and in collaboration previously implemented during several projects. Behind Aulusplan members there are operating structures that daily carry out their work in the field of ideation, design, production managment, verifications, inspections and the commercial network of distribution and sales. This is why the company puts its constant commitment and its best resources, in terms of means, people and final solutions, in a unique work philosophy. The proposals that are put forward can create high quality products with good level of standardization and integration very often. But sometimes you can also share with the customer the details, specific and different in a synergy of collaboration for specific solutions. Aulusplan is the ideal partner in different ways, we proposed solutions and high technology integration products, create specific and customized components for the integration to insert in the planning system.

Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018

Sapienza University of Rome has become one of a selected International group of 22 universities that will compete for two years within the SDME 2018 Edition with the aim of designing and building a full-scale prototype of the best sustainable and energy self-sufficient house. The 22 university teams competing, coming from 16 different countries, were selected by an International jury in a shortlist of over 60 nominations following a rigorous technical review process that lasted more than three months.

Team Sapienza

We are a multidisciplinary University Team which is competing in the Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018 edition with the objective of designing and building in two years, from October 2016 to November 2018, a full-scale prototype of the best and most attractive sustainable, zero energy and smart solar house. With our project “ReStart4Smart” we want to take on the new challenges of contemporary society that require a different way of designing, constructing, operating and in upgrading the buildings in which we live.

Competition Mission

Team Sapienza is strongly committed to promoting sustainable development. We firmly believe in more sustainable buildings and we are constantly engaged in the promotion of an Architecture that is capable of meeting the needs of all stakeholders, present and future.