iBeacon technology

iBeacon technology is one of the things that make you think it could change our way of living.

Within few years we will see this device everywhere around us. The main reason is that it provides new functions to our smartphones. It works like a sentinel that advise your smartphone that you are near it. When you enter its area the smartphone activates an application connected with that specific beacon id.

Thanks to this many new things can be done. Say for instance you go to do some shopping and suddenly the smartphone warns you about a special discount inside the shop. This is just an example of the countless applications of this new technology!

An Italian company working in home and building automation field, ilevia Srl, uses this new technology to reach a new level of customization and integration between systems in home and building automation field.

Let’s see a few examples of the application that ilevia made of iBeacon technology:
– When I get in my car when in the morning and I am just outside my house it means I am going to office so please check windows, lights and alarms and advise me if something is not ok;
– When I get in my car and I am in the car park of my office, the system turns off lights and heating system of the office because I’m leaving. If the time is from 6pm to 8pm and i’m leaving the office it starts heating my household.

Home & Building automation is not just home but also office and any other building where I come in and where I can control something, such as hospitals and hotels. Tracking movements is another application that can help the system to get information about you. If people carry smartphone with them, we can track where they are. In a large building, in hospitals and offices we can check where people are in just few seconds.

We think this is only the beginning of a new era of sensors that will catch a lot of information about us and our behaviors. This information can be used, if the user wants it, for healthy purpose and automate our living in order to make it more comfortable. That’s ilevia’s goal.

It can be interesting to take in account people’s behaviour in a city and find out how people live. The big data analysis can show what actions to consider in order to prevent crimes, health problems or simply give a better lifestyle to people living in big cities.