Using Excel to control Home/Building Automation

Home automation means doing something when something happens.

Easy to say but not so easy to define and accomplish.
Every system is different and it’s needs can change during the time.
After a lot of thinking about the best user interface to use to give freedom to installers and users to define how the system works we found that we can just use a more natural old fashion EXCEL file to do most of the complex jobs.

Infact Excel offers a lot of functions , mathematical , textual and logical to leave the freedom to the user to define his own system without the need to learn too much. Few minutes to find out where the things are in the sheet and that’s it.

How it works?

After you installed EVE server and the Excel plugin you will find a EXCEL file in EVE ftp folder.
EVE create it for you putting in it all the component that are in your system.

Here is a quick example with some ZWave devices connected ( they can also be KNX ).

Schermata 2013-08-21 alle 15.41.42


When E9 value changes EVE recalculate all formulas in the sheet.
C7 changes based on the forumula : IF(value(E9)>0,1;”true”;”false”)

When C7 change value the corresponding ZWave Switch 4 0 device changes it’s state accordingly.

Now you can use the value in the cells that comes from sensors and switches and put the result of your functions in other cells that makes the real components changes accordingly.

Let’s say that you need to start something if the energy of your photovoltaic system makes enough energy.
Very simple, the energy production sensor can be found in your excel sheet, you can edit the switch function to


When the sensor read a production of energy greater than 2000 watt the function return TRUE the switch will be activated.
You can also say that it must stay active for 2 hours or to start after some time.

To save energy in a building you can check a couple of sensor in the factory and define which light must be ON or OFF based on different value of the sensors very quickly and most important thing you don’t need to study a manual to do so, simply use a knowledge that you or someone else probably already have.

You can use any kind of sensors and actuators with this system and reach a new level of freedom to accomplish your most complex logic functions.

Now with EVE you can.

Drop us an email if you want to know more about this system to info@ilevia.com