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Microsoft Symposium 2015

Microsoft si confronta con i CIO italiani sull’Internet of Things e annuncia un nuovo centro di competenza in collaborazione con l’Istituto Superiore Mario Boella di Torino Condivisione di esperienze e sperimentazione al centro dell’evento: i casi AEG Power Solutions...

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Smart Info technology

Smart Info technology Enel Distribuzione propone una nuova tecnologia per il monitoraggio energetico e coinvolge direttamente ilevia srl, azienda che opera in Italia e nel mondo nel settore dell’IoT (Internet of Things) e della home & building automation, per la...

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iBeacon technology

iBeacon technology iBeacon technology is one of the things that make you think it could change our way of living. Within few years we will see this device everywhere around us. The main reason is that it provides new functions to our smartphones. It works like a...

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Easily control your building

With just a swipe on your phone you can activate ambience settings that suit your habits.


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Control your building with your laptop or desktop PC, anywhere, anytime with our new apps for iOS and Android devices.

Mac--OSX(2)      Windows(2)


Control your building easily via smartphone or tablet, anywhere, anytime with our new apps for iOS and Android devices.

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Benefits of using EVE

A few good reasons to join forces with ilevia


Quick project’s realization thanks to the smart software structure.


Obtain the same results with less devices.


Unique features allow you to be a step beyond your competitors.


The high level of programmability solves every customers’ requests.


Requests from customers of your area routed directly to you.


Less time spent on papers due to unique “All Inclusive” price.


Find help through web chats,  teamviewer sections, email, telephone & skype calling.


Solutions come from who knows the matter. Join the professional forum, share experience.

Distinctive features of EVE System


Make Devices With Different Protocols Work Perfectly Together


Set Sunrise And Sunset Scenaries Thanks To Astronomical Calendar


Ensure Security Of The System


Extend Projects’ Functionalities Of VIMAR And BTicino Systems


Control Audio And Visual Media Systems And Multiroom Systems


Plan The Irrigation Of The Garden


Check Energy Consumptions And Manage Energy Production


Control The System Remotely With Your Smartphone And Your Tablet


Learn Habits And Act Therefore

The programming software specifically thought for system integrators.

EVE Manager is the tool which allows you to plan your building automation system from the ETS importation to the remote controller user interface creation.
Learn more about EVE Manager

Many additional functions thanks to EVE Logic

Protocols Connection

EVE allows connection between products with different protocols and definitely breaks down any communication barrier. Here is an example of possible application.

AND- OR Logic

Set And-Or logics in an extremely quick and easy way through a safe web page. Here is an example of possible application.

Backyard Irrigation

Configure the irrigation of your backyard in an extremely quick and easy way through a safe web page. You will no longer need to lift a finger.

ilevia Internet of Things technology for Tecno Spa

Discover the future of the office work!

io.T, the first smart system of interconnected furnitures

One day your office furniture will be able to talk to you and your workspace. And, of course, to answer too.

Are any special powers involved? If by “special powers” you mean its ability to distinguish voices, to respond to requests, to talk to the desk and the chair, than yes: it is about special powers. All within io.T, the first intelligent system of interconnected furnishings that creates a direct link between you and your workspace, facilitating a continuos flow of information. Because we believe dialogue is the best way to understand each other. And with understanding, everything works better. With special powers, better still.

Redesigning the future of the future work!

ORGATEC Fair in Cologne 25th - 29th October 2016